Step-by-step recipe costing

In order to cost a recipe we need to do the following:
  • Create a new recipe.
  • Add ingredients and amounts to the new recipe.
  • Enter prices for each ingredient.
To create a new recipe go to the Recipes tab and tap the "+" symbol in the top right corner of the screen. In the new window that appears you can set a name for your recipe.

To add an ingredient to the recipe tap "add ingredient". In the new window that appears select an ingredient you entered previously or create a new one by tapping "Create an ingredient" at the bottom of the screen.

Once the ingredient has been added to the recipe specify the amount and unit for the newly added ingredient in the recipe view.

If no pricing information is available for the recipe ingredient then you will see a red "Resolve" button. Tap on the button and select the option to enter the price for the ingredient. In a new window that appears you can select an existing purveyor who supplies this ingredient or create a new purveyor by tapping on "Create a purveyor" at the bottom of the screen. Upon selecting a purveyor enter the price per some amount of the new ingredient from this purveyor.

Repeat these steps for each ingredient in the recipe.

The total food cost will be shown to you at the top of the recipe page.

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