Import your data

Steps to import from a sample spreadsheet

  1. Make a copy of the sample spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets, Excel, or Numbers.
  2. Enter your ingredient and/or price data into the spreadsheet. Do not alter the order of the columns.
  3. Export ingredient and/or price worksheet(s) inside the spreadsheet as CSV (see "How do I export a spreadsheet as CSV?") Note: you do not need to import the units worksheet.
  4. Email the exported CSV file(s) to yourself.
  5. Open the email on your iOS device and tap on each CSV file. (if you are not using the Mail app try tapping and holding on the CSV file until the action menu comes up)
  6. Tap the action button (looks like an arrow coming out of the top of a square, should be on one of the corners of your screen) and select Import with Fillet from the list of options (you may need to scroll through the options if you have many apps installed, if you are not using the Mail app tap the button "Copy to Fillet")
  7. Fillet will import your data. Tap Done.

How do I export a spreadsheet as CSV?

  • In Google Spreadsheets open File > Download as > Comma-separated values
  • In Excel go File > Save as > Comma-separated values
  • In Numbers go File > Export As > CSV...
Make sure that your exported CSV file uses commas and not semicolons to separate values.

Import from a supplier price list

We are developing a new feature which allows you to import price lists that you receive from your food supplier(s). In the interim, if you have registered an account inside Dineserve then you can email your data in CSV (comma-separated values) format to We will send you an email as soon as your data is imported and you can sync it to your device!

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