Set ingredient prices

An ingredient can be purchased from several purveyors at varying prices. You can set a price for each ingredient per amount measured using a standard (e.g. liter) or abstract (e.g. bunch) unit of measurement.

Dineserve automatically selects the lowest price if no preferred price is set. You can specify a preferred price to use for an ingredient in a recipe by tapping on the price while editing a recipe.

Associate a purveyor with an ingredient
  1. Tap "Ingredients".
  2. Select an ingredient.
  3. Tap "add purveyor".
  4. Select a purveyor.
  5. Enter price.

Associate an ingredient with a purveyor

  1. Tap "Prices".
  2. Select a purveyor.
  3. Tap "add product".
  4. Select a product.
  5. Enter price.

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