Inventory counting

Counting inventory is essential to knowing how your business is performing.

Conducting physical inventory can help you identify discrepancies between your expected and actual ingredient usage. It can alert you to issues such as food waste, theft, or accounting discrepancies. Resolving these issues typically leads to saving costs.

Inventory should be counted at a regular interval (e.g. bi-weekly or monthly). Interval length depends on the rate of inventory turnover (the rate at which ingredients are restocked).

Barcode scanning

Dineserve comes with a built-in packaging barcode scanner that uses your device's camera to scan and recognize UPC barcodes. Scanning a barcode opens its inventory view for faster counting.

Scan a barcode

  1. Tap Inventory.
  2. Tap Scan in the upper left (iPad) or upper right (iPhone).
  3. Position the barcode in the middle of your screen by moving your device over the package.

Inventory report generation

Export and mail a CSV inventory report containing a snapshot of your most recent inventory count. A CSV file can be imported by all modern spreadsheet applications (e.g. Excel).

Exporting a report

  1. Tap Inventory.
  2. Tap Share icon in the upper left (iPad) or upper right (iPhone).
  3. Tap "Email as CSV".

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