Abstract units (e.g. each, bunch

Abstract units are used to represent some amount of a particular ingredient. A few examples of abstract units are given below:
  • 4 heads of lettuce
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • sticks of butter
  • eggs
Ingredients can have any number of abstract units associated with them. However, each abstract unit can only be used with the ingredient for which it was created. The reason behind this is to avoid confusion in cases where identically named units (e.g. each) mean entirely different things depending on which ingredient they are associated with.

Converting to and from abstract units

Occasionally the app will need to perform a conversion between an abstract unit (e.g. each) and a standard unit of measurement (e.g. kilogram). For example, it may cost you $3.00 to purchase 1 stick of butter but your recipe calls for 1 kg of butter. To handle such cases, specify mass and/or volume for the abstract unit. Dineserve will alert you whenever it needs more information to perform a conversion and ask you to specify an amount in mass or volume.

Creating new abstract units

Video tutorials for iPhone and iPad are provided below.

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