Import data into Fillet

Import data into Fillet

Our sample spreadsheet helps you import large amounts of data.
Import key details like ingredients, amounts, prices, units, and recipes.
Update your Fillet data quickly and easily!

About our sample spreadsheet:

Sheet #1: "Recipes"

Enter name, amount, and units for Ingredients, and recipes the Ingredients are part of.

Sheet #2: "Prices"

Enter name, price, amount, units, and purveyors of Ingredients.

Sheet #3: "Units"

View units used by different Ingredients.
❗️You do not need to edit the Units sheet.

How to import data using our sample spreadsheet and iOS

1. Make a copy of our 
sample spreadsheet. 
You can use Google Spreadsheets, Excel, or Numbers.

2. Enter your ingredient and/or price data into the spreadsheet. 
❗️Do not alter the order of the columns.

❗️Do not alter the titles of the columns.

3. Export Recipes and/or Prices sheets (Sheets #1 and/or #2) as CSV. 
❗️You do not need to export/import the Units sheet (Sheet #3).

4. Email the exported CSV file(s) to yourself.

5. Open the email on your iOS device and tap on the CSV file(s). 
⭐️ If you are not using Apple's Mail app, try tapping and holding on the CSV file until the action menu comes up.

6. Tap the action button ( Action navigation bar and tab bar icon ) and select Copy to Fillet from the actions list.
⭐️ If you have many apps on your device, scroll through towards the end of the actions list until you see Fillet. 

7. Fillet will import your data → Tap "Done" to complete!

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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